"About LBC Distillery"

Lang Beverage Company (LBC) began over a dream… and a drink. after years of PREPARATIOn, Lang Beverage Co. was founded in september 2017 by Jonathan & Maryann Lang. LBc is a craft distillery located in the backyard of Nanticoke, PA. All of our spirits are hand-crafted onsite within our 220 square-foot facility. We are committed to creating unique and traditional products for the drinking community of nepa and beyond. our spirits include award-winning vodka, a rotating selection of flavored vodkas, and rum.

raise a glass and “drink Lang’s”!




Meet Jonathan: founder and Distiller

He is the driving force behind lang beverage Company. Jonathan’s favorite things include speaking in movie references and whiskers on kittens. He would like to see “the flask” make a comeback.

Meet Maryann: Founder

She is the heart of LBC Craft Distillery. Maryann enjoys bold coffee and lots of it, she works hard so that her dogs can have better lives, and yes, you absolutely should show her pictures of your pups.

Meet moses & Judah: Distillery dogs

the loyal pitbulls of Lang Beverage co, We “hired” them as brand ambassadors but they’re kind of lazy; much of their time is spent barking at the mailman or napping. Truthfully, moses & Judah are only mentioned here because we love them and you should too.