Chapel Down Sparkling Wine Where To Buy Usa

Chapel Down is a renowned sparkling wine producer located in the county of Kent, England. Founded in 2004, the company has grown to become one of the most popular producers of sparkling wines in the United Kingdom.

The reputation of Chapel Down’s sparkling wines has also spread worldwide, with increasing demand for its products in North America. This article will discuss where consumers in the USA can purchase Chapel Down sparkling wines.

Chapel Down has achieved much recognition for its range of wines, gaining various awards including a gold medal at the International Wine Challenge and two silver medals at Decanter World Wine Awards. The company produces an extensive selection of sparkling wines including Classic Brut, Chardonnay Brut Reserve and Blanc de Blancs.

These are all available to purchase within the USA from select retailers and online platforms.

Overview Of Chapel Down

Chapel Down is a winery located in the United Kingdom, renowned for its award-winning sparkling wines.

The first batch of Chapel Down Sparkling Wine was released in 2002, and has since won numerous awards at international competitions.

It has even been served at special occasions such as the naming ceremony of Britain’s new aircraft carrier—the HMS Queen Elizabeth—demonstrating its status as one of the best sparkling wines in the world.

In order to reach more customers around the world, Chapel Down partnered with retailers in select countries across Europe, including Italy, Germany, and France.

In 2017, whether due to increased demand or increased production capabilities (or both), Chapel Down expanded their distribution to include the United States.

This move allowed American consumers to experience Chapel Down’s range of sparkling wines for themselves.

Today, Chapel Down Sparkling Wines are available for purchase online through their website or through retail partners across most states in America.

With an ever-expanding range of products and a growing presence on the international stage, Chapel Down continues to be one of the top producers and distributors of sparkling wines worldwide.

As such, it is no surprise that people are eager to get their hands on some of this delicious wine.

Types Of Sparkling Wine Available

Chapel Down produces a wide range of sparkling wine, from the classic to the innovative. The winery offers several types of sparkling wines:

  • Traditional Method:
  • Classic Brut Reserve
  • Classic Rosé
  • Kentish Pinot Noir Blush
  • Charmat Method:
  • Bacchus Brut Rose
  • Bacchus Brut Reserve
  • Bacchus Blanc de Noirs

The winery also has a few special sparkling wines, such as their English Sparkling Wine Trio and Sparkling Pinot Meunier. All of these options are crafted with care, using the finest ingredients and modern production techniques.

Chapel Down’s award-winning sparkling wines are available in various outlets in the United States, including supermarkets, wine merchants, bars and restaurants. Customers can find Chapel Down’s products on popular sites such as Drizly and Additionally, they are occasionally featured at events or tastings sponsored by local food and beverage organizations.

With its wide variety of styles and flavors, Chapel Down provides something for everyone looking for a unique experience in sparkling wine.

To make it even easier to get their hands on Chapel Down’s delicious offerings, customers can order online directly from the winery for delivery anywhere in the USA.

Where To Buy Chapel Down Wines In The Usa

Chapel Down Wines are one of the leading English sparkling wines, and can be found in most places around the world.

In the United States, Chapel Down Wines can be purchased through retailers, restaurants, and online. Retailers such as Total Wine & More, BevMo!, The Wine House, Beltramo’s Wine & Spirits, and The California Wine Club all carry Chapel Down Wines in their stores.

Restaurants that serve Chapel Down Wines include Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York City, Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, and The Capital Grille nationwide. Online purchases can be made through the official website of Chapel Down Wines or on sites such as Drizly and VinoShipper. It is also possible to purchase individual bottles or cases directly from the winery located in Tenterden, Kent.

The quality of Chapel Down Wines make them a popular choice for many consumers who wish to enjoy a premium sparkling wine experience. They have won numerous awards including International Winemaker of The Year at the International Wine Challenge 2017 and Top Sparkling Producer at Decanter Worldwide Awards 2018.

Their products are available in different styles including Brut Reserve NV, Chardonnay Brut NV, Blanc de Noirs NV Rose and their Vintage Collection which includes Classic Cuvee 2013 and Brut Reserve 2011. Due to their exceptional taste and diverse range of products, Chapel Down Wines offer an enjoyable drinking experience for all occasions. Understanding how these wines can benefit customers will be explored further in the subsequent section.

Benefits Of Chapel Down Sparkling Wines

Chapel Down Sparkling Wines are renowned for their high quality and excellent taste. Their sparkling wines come in a variety of flavors and styles, ranging from Brut to Rose. Chapel Down also has a selection of flavor-infused sparkling wines that are perfect for those who want an extra hit of flavor. The complexity of the aromas and flavors in each glass is sure to satisfy any palate.

In addition to great taste, Chapel Down Sparkling Wines offer numerous health benefits. They are low in sugar, calories, and contain no sulfites or allergens. Furthermore, they are vegan friendly as they do not use animal products in production. This makes them a healthier option than many other traditional wines on the market.

The popularity of Chapel Down Sparkling Wines has grown exponentially over the years due to their accessibility and affordability. They can be found in many stores across the United States, with prices depending on size and type.

For those looking for a great tasting sparkling wine that won’t break the bank, Chapel Down is well worth considering. Moving forward, this article will discuss possible alternatives to Chapel Down Wines for those looking for something different or more budget-friendly.

Possible Alternatives To Chapel Down Wines

It is ironic that when one seeks out Chapel Down sparkling wines in the United States, it can be a difficult task. Despite their award-winning range of English Sparkling Wines, finding them in the US can be quite a challenge.

For those who are looking for an alternative to Chapel Down Wines, here are some options:

  1. Nyetimber – English sparkling wine from West Sussex, UK.
  2. Jansz Tasmania – Australian sparkling wine made with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.
  3. Domaine Carneros – California sparkling wine made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.
  4. Schramsberg – North Coast California sparkling wine made with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

Those wishing to find an alternative to Chapel Down can easily find one of these options in the US or online at various retail stores and websites. Ultimately, there are many different options available to those seeking an alternative to Chapel Down Wines whether they are searching for something domestic or imported.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can Chapel Down Sparkling Wines Be Stored?

When discussing the longevity of Chapel Down sparkling wines, it is important to note that such wines can be stored for up to two years. However, the optimal time for consumption is within one year.

Factors like temperature and humidity can play an important role in determining how long a wine can be stored safely, as well as how quickly it will age.

It is important to ensure that storage conditions are consistent and ideal in order to maintain freshness and taste.

What Is The Average Price Of Chapel Down Sparkling Wines?

The average price of chapel down sparkling wines is often seen as a symbol of sophistication, luxury, and indulgence.

On the market, prices can range drastically depending on vintage, region, and availability.

Generally speaking, the price of Chapel Down Sparkling Wine ranges from $25 to $60 per bottle but can be above or below this range.

The cost typically reflects the quality and complexity of the sparkling wines produced by Chapel Down Winery in Kent, England.

What Food Pairs Well With Chapel Down Sparkling Wines?

Chapel Down sparkling wines are a popular choice for an array of occasions, with the right food pairings they can become the centerpiece of a meal.

The acidity of Chapel Down sparkling wines pairs well with salty and fatty foods, such as cured meats, shellfish, and aged cheeses.

Also, the sweetness of the wine pairs nicely with fresh fruits or desserts like crème brulee or chocolate mousse.

The effervescence of the sparkling wine complements light appetizers and salads.

Are Chapel Down Sparkling Wines Vegan Friendly?

Chapel Down sparkling wines are becoming increasingly popular among vegans, given their unique flavor profile and lack of animal-derived ingredients.

Upon further inspection, however, it can be seen that Chapel Down sparkling wines are not suitable for vegans due to the use of a process called ‘fining’.

Fining is a process used to remove impurities from wine, and typically involves using animal-derived ingredients such as casein or egg whites.

Therefore, although the wine itself does not contain any animal-derived products, Chapel Down sparkling wines are not vegan friendly.

Are Chapel Down Sparkling Wines Sustainably Sourced?

Sustainably sourced sparkling wines have become more and more popular in recent years, as consumers have become more aware of their environmental impact.

Chapel Down is one such brand that has adopted sustainable practices in order to produce its sparkling wines. This includes sourcing grapes from certified organic vineyards and using renewable energy sources for production.

The company also employs low-impact farming techniques in order to reduce carbon emissions and water usage. In addition, Chapel Down works closely with local farmers and suppliers to ensure that all of its ingredients are of the highest quality.


Chapel Down sparkling wines are a unique and luxurious way to celebrate any occasion. Their flavors are bold and robust, with a hint of sweetness that lingers on the palate.

With their sustainable sourcing, vegan friendly varieties, and extended shelf life, Chapel Down wines are the perfect choice for any gathering. From pairing with food to enjoying on its own, Chapel Down sparkling wine is sure to make an impression that is nothing short of remarkable – like pouring liquid gold into one’s glass.

With its high quality and reasonable prices, it’s no wonder Chapel Down sparkling wines are becoming increasingly popular in the USA.

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