Popular Rose Wine Brands

Rose wine is one of the most popular types of wines around. It’s light, fruity and pairs well with any occasion – from casual to formal. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive variety or something more luxurious, there are plenty of rose wine brands out there that will fit your budget and palate.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the top rated rose wines on the market today so you can find just what you’re looking for! Rose wines come in a wide range of styles, flavors and prices. From dry to sweet, blush to sparkling, there’s something for everyone when it comes to enjoying this type of wine.

Many people opt to choose their favorite brand based on taste alone but if you’re new to rose wine it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some highly recommended brands that have proven themselves time and again as great options for rose lovers everywhere!


Beringer is one of the most recognizable and popular rose wine brands in the world. Founded in 1876 by Jacob Beringer, this winery has grown to be a leader in crafting premium quality wines from California’s Napa Valley region.

From their classic range of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, to unique blends like Zinfandel Rosé or White Merlot, each bottle offers an exquisite flavor profile that stands out amongst its peers.

The impressive collection of reds and whites available from Beringer deserves special mention – with options for every palate and occasion. For example, The Private Reserve Chardonnay features complex aromas of honeycomb and fig mixed with nuances of juicy pineapple; while their Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon boasts ripe blackberry flavors with hints of dried herbs on the finish.

What really sets Beringer apart is their commitment to excellence in both taste and sustainability. Their vineyards are Certified Sustainable according to California’s Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices, which ensures they operate responsibly without compromising quality.

With such a dedication towards environmental stewardship as well as producing consistently great tasting wines, it’s no wonder why consumers have come to love this iconic brand over the years. Making way for…


At the dawn of a new day, Mumm wine provides an opportunity to explore deeper into the world of rose wines. As the sun slowly rises in the sky and fills our hearts with hope, so too does this brand fill us with joy and anticipation for what’s ahead. From its deep ruby hue that captures the eye to its crisp acidity and freshness on the palate, it’s no wonder why Mumm has become one of the most popular rose brands worldwide:

  • Aromas of ripe strawberries blend harmoniously with hints of lavender and vanilla.

  • Full-bodied texture layered with tart raspberry notes complemented by balanced tannins.

  • Gentle sweetness lingers on your tongue while juicy watermelon flavors dance around each sip.

  • Complex yet approachable style that easily pairs with a variety of dishes from light salads to savory meats.

Mumm is sure to captivate all who partake, leaving them wanting more at every turn – ready to take on whatever challenges await them throughout their journey ahead. With such versatility and quality, it’s easy to see why this beloved brand continues to reign supreme among wine lovers everywhere.

And as we move forward together towards brighter days, let us raise a glass of Mumm in celebration!

To transition smoothly into the next section, Sutter Home offers an exciting alternative for those looking to experience something different within the realm of rose wines – their White Zinfandel.

Sutter Home

We’ve all heard of Sutter Home, but do we know its history?

Let’s take a look at how this iconic brand of rose wine got its start.

Additionally, let’s explore the different varietals that Sutter Home has to offer.

We’ll get a better understanding of the brand and its offerings, so let’s get started!

Sutter Home History

Sutter Home is a popular rose wine brand that has been around since the 19th century. Established in 1890 by John Thoman and Jacob Sutter, the winery was built on land purchased from General Mariano Vallejo in St. Helena, California.

With its rich history and quality product, it’s no wonder why this company has become so successful over the years. From producing still wines to sparkling wines as well, Sutter Home continues to innovate their products with great success; they have even established themselves as one of America’s leading wine brands.

Throughout their long-standing presence in the industry, Sutter Home has remained committed to keeping up with modern trends while staying true to their roots at the same time. As a result of this commitment, they are able to offer customers some of the most delicious varieties of rose wines available today.

All in all, there is something special about Sutter Home that makes it stand out among other major players in the industry – whether you’re looking for an indulgent nightcap or just a glass of good old-fashioned vino, you can be sure that the taste will never disappoint!

Sutter Home Varietals

Sutter Home’s success isn’t just due to its long history, it’s also because of their commitment to keeping up with modern trends.

As a result, they offer some of the most delicious varieties of rose wines available today! Whether you’re looking for something sweet or dry, Sutter Home has a variety that won’t disappoint.

Plus, they’ve even got sparkling wines in addition to still ones – so there really is something for everyone.

From Pinot Noir to Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and more – whatever your preference may be, you can count on Sutter Home as your go-to winery.

With such outstanding quality and range of options, it’s no wonder why this brand continues to thrive after all these years.

Chateau Ste. Michelle

Chateau Ste. Michelle is one of the leading rose wine brands in the world, offering a variety of different vintages and styles to suit any palate. It’s an iconic American winery with over 50 years of experience crafting award-winning wines from all around Washington State. From its vineyards near Seattle to its acclaimed flagship estate in Woodinville, Chateau Ste. Michelle produces some of the most beloved roses on the market today.

Wine Vintage Rating
Estate Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine NV (2015) 90 pts
Indian Wells Merlot Rosé 2017 89 pts
Cold Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé  2018  88 pts
Canoe Ridge Expedition White Blend Rosé  2018  87 pts
Riesling Ice Wine Style Beerenauslese  2016  95 pts  

These quality wines have received critical acclaim from both experts and consumers alike; recent examples include their Estate Brut Rose Sparkling Wine which was rated 90 points by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, as well as their Indian Wells Merlot Rose which earned 89 points from Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate. In addition, their Cold Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Rose scored 88 points from Decanter magazine and their Canoe Ridge Expedition White Blend Rose achieved 87 points from James Suckling. Finally, their Riesling Ice Wine Style Beerenauslese was awarded a remarkable 95 points from Jeb Dunnuck’s Rhone Report blog.

The consistent ratings for these rosés demonstrate why Chateau Ste. Michelle has become such a popular brand worldwide among fans of pink wines – indicative that each bottle offers delicious flavors at reasonable prices no matter what your budget might be or where you live! Moving forward, we’ll take a look at Apothic Wines – another renowned label specializing in unique blends and varietals crafted with care across California’s Central Coast region.


Apothic is a popular rose wine brand with legions of devoted followers. It’s been described as ‘divine nectar’ – a fitting metaphor for its sweet, smooth taste and complex bouquet.

As an American original, Apothic has made waves in the world of rosé since it was first released in 2010.

This luxurious yet affordable Californian vintage offers drinkers an array of flavor profiles to explore; from succulent strawberry and red berry flavors to hints of white pepper spice and mocha notes.

Whether enjoyed chilled on a hot summer day or paired with flavorful dishes like spiced shrimp risotto, Apothic always delivers pleasure in abundance.

A glass of this prize-winning pink liquid is sure to add delight and sophistication to any occasion – truly making it a timeless classic!

So why not treat yourself today with a bottle of this beloved tipple? You won’t be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Foods Pair Best With Rose Wine?

Rose wine pairs well with a variety of different types of food.

It is light-bodied and slightly sweet, so it’s often enjoyed with seafood dishes such as salmon or lobster.

Fruit salads can also be a nice accompaniment to rose wines, as the sweetness of the fruit complements the flavor profile found in many rose varieties.

Cheese platters are another popular pairing option, particularly when they include soft cheeses like brie or goat cheese.

Rose wines’ subtlety also makes them an excellent partner for vegetables like mushrooms and tomatoes.

How Should Rose Wine Be Served?

When it comes to rose wine, there’s no better way to savor the deliciousness than by serving it just right!

From chilled and bubbly Provencal rosés on a hot summer day to dry Italian roses served slightly cool in winter; whatever your preference, rose wine should always be served at its optimal temperature.

Whether you’re enjoying a glass with friends or sipping solo – make sure you give your rose wine the perfect pour for maximum enjoyment!

What Is The Average Cost Of A Bottle Of Rose Wine?

Rose wine is generally quite affordable, with an average price of around $15-25 per bottle.

The cost can vary depending on the quality and brand of rose wine you choose; some more expensive bottles may be up to $50 or higher.

Popular brands such as Barefoot, Sutter Home, and Yellow Tail are among those that offer reasonably priced bottles of rose wine at a variety of prices.

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Drinking Rose Wine?

While there may be some debate over the health benefits of drinking wine, rose wines have distinct advantages.

Juxtaposing this against its sweet and light taste, rose wine is not only a delight to drink but can also offer many health benefits.

From providing antioxidants which can help reduce inflammation to containing vitamins like B-6 that promote brain development, rose wines are an excellent choice for those looking to reap the rewards of good health while indulging in a delicious beverage.

What Is The Difference Between Rose Wine And White Wine?

Rose wine is a type of white wine, but differs in several key ways.

It has a slightly different flavor profile compared to traditional white wines and can range from sweet to dry depending on the grape variety used.

The color also varies dependent on how long it is left with contact with its red skins during production — typically ranging from pale pink to deep salmon-orange.

Rose wines are generally lower in alcohol than most whites, making them light and refreshing for summertime drinking.


In conclusion, rose wine is a great choice for any occasion – be it an intimate dinner with friends or a night of relaxation at home. With its various price points and food pairings, there’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone’s taste buds. Not to mention the potential health benefits of drinking this light and refreshing elixir!

So if you’re looking for a delicious way to unwind after a long day, look no further than rose wine – your perfect companion for all life’s occasions.

I’m sure I speak for many when I say that nothing beats sipping on some rose in good company – ah bliss! Whether you prefer dry or sweet wines, finding the right bottle can make all the difference in creating memorable experiences.

Let us not forget though; moderation is key since over-consuming alcohol can have serious negative effects. Cheers!

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