Where To Buy Fortified Wine Online

Shopping for fortified wine online can be a convenient and enjoyable experience. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect bottle of your favorite varietal without ever leaving home!

However, finding where to buy fortified wine online isn’t always an easy task. To help make your search easier, we’ve put together this guide on where you can purchase quality fortified wines from reputable retailers.

Here are our top picks for getting great deals on delicious bottles of port and sherry.


Shopping for fortified wine online can be a great way to find unique varieties and rare bottles. Amazon offers an extensive selection of fortified wines, from well-known brands to specialty producers. You can easily search by type, such as port or sherry, or filter your results by country of origin and price range.

Total Wine is another great option when shopping for fortified wines online. They offer a wide variety of reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines and dessert wines from around the world with free delivery on most orders over $50. Plus, you can take advantage of their weekly deals and special promotions to save even more money on your favorite bottles.

Whether you’re looking for a classic vintage or something new and exciting, both Amazon and Total Wine have plenty of options available at competitive prices. With so many choices available it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for without having to leave home.

Moving onto the next section then, let’s look into Total Wine in greater detail…

Total Wine

Fortunately, Amazon is not the only online retailer that sells fortified wine. Total Wine is another popular option for those looking to purchase their favorite bottle of fortified wine.

This store offers a wide range of options from all over the world, including top picks like sherry and port wines, as well as vermouths, Madeiras and more. Shopping at this store is convenient since they accept most major credit cards and offer free shipping on orders over $99. Additionally, customers can take advantage of in-store pickup if they are near one of their many locations across the United States.

For those who want access to even more choices in terms of styles and brands when it comes to fortified wine buying experience, then look no further than wine.com – an online wine shop with thousands upon thousands of selections to choose from.

Not only do they have plenty of international wines available but also some rare bottles and limited editions as well. Plus, shoppers get special deals through their membership program which grants them discounts every month plus exclusive offers for members only!


Wine.com is an online retailer of wines from around the world, and they offer a great selection of fortified wines available for purchase on their website. They have everything from ports to sherries, as well as liqueurs, vermouths, and dessert wines. All products are shipped in temperature-controlled packaging to ensure safe delivery and quality satisfaction. Prices range from affordable everyday bottles to more exclusive vintages, so there’s something for every budget.

The site has helpful features like reviews and ratings that allow customers to make informed decisions about their purchases. There’s also detailed information about each wine such as origin country, region, producer notes, vintage year, suggested pairings and tasting notes. This makes it easier than ever to find just what you’re looking for when shopping for fortified wine online.

Wine.com offers convenient shipping options which can be tailored to meet individual needs – whether that means one bottle or cases at a time – allowing customers to get their hands on unique selections quickly without sacrificing quality or taste. With its wide selection of varieties and easy ordering process, Wine.com is the perfect place to buy fortified wine online with confidence.

From buying online through Wine.com to searching out local wineries near you, finding high-quality fortified wine doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive anymore; all it takes is a bit of research!

Local Wineries

Once upon a time, there was an enchanted forest filled with the most wonderful wines from all over the world. Every so often, bottles of fortified wine could be found among them, and those who sought it out were truly blessed.

The secret to finding these special bottles lay in knowing where to look for them. Here are 4 places you can find fortified wine locally:

  • Local wineries – Many local wineries offer tastings and sell directly to customers on-site or through their websites.

  • Wine shops – Fine wine stores often have a variety of fortified wines available for purchase both online and in person.

  • Grocery stores – Look near the regular table wines; some grocery stores carry specialty items like dessert wines, ports, and sherry that make great additions to any meal.

  • Specialty liquor stores – Liquor stores are well stocked with various types of spirits, including fortified wines such as vermouths and sherries.

These days, many people turn to the convenience of ordering wine online rather than spending hours searching for it in store shelves. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options when it comes to buying fortified wines from reputable retailers around the globe.

With this new knowledge at hand, let’s explore what online wine clubs have to offer next!

Online Wine Clubs

Joining an online wine club is a great way to get access to quality, fortified wines from all over the world. With so many different clubs available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Here’s a quick comparison of some popular wine clubs:

Club Delivery Frequency Cost Range
Vinebox Quarterly $50 -$100/quarter
Plonk Wine Club Monthly $40 – $80/month
California Winery Exchange Bi-Monthly $35 – $75/shipment

Each club has its own unique offerings and benefits. Vinebox offers rare and limited edition wines that are inaccessible in stores; Plonk curates bottles based on your personal taste preferences, while California Winery Exchange sources vintages from wineries around the state. No matter what kind of fortified wine you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something perfect for you among these options. Plus, with regular shipments directly to your door, you’ll never run out of delicious selections!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Fortified Wine And Regular Wine?

Fortified wine is a type of alcoholic beverage that has had additional alcohol added to it, such as brandy or ethanol.

This makes the drink stronger than regular table wines, which usually have an ABV (alcohol by volume) of around 12%.

The alcohol content in fortified wines can range from 16-22%, making them much more potent than traditional wines.

In addition, fortified wines often have higher levels of residual sugar, giving them a sweeter taste and thicker texture when compared to regular wine.

How Do I Know If A Wine Is Fortified?

Wine is a beverage with a long and varied history, often symbolizing celebration and joy. But how can one tell if a wine has been fortified?

Fortified wines are created when additional alcohol is added to the grape juice or fermented must before it’s finished fermenting, causing an increase in ABV (alcohol by volume). This addition of alcohol usually increases the sweetness of the drink as well as makes them more alcoholic than regular wines.

Characteristically, these types of wines have higher levels of residual sugar and tend to be darker in color. To identify whether you’re drinking a fortified wine, look for hints such as its sweet taste and high alcohol content.

Are There Age Restrictions For Buying Fortified Wine?

Yes, there are age restrictions for buying fortified wine.

In most countries, you must be over the legal drinking age of 18 to purchase and consume fortified wines such as sherry or port.

Some places also have a minimum age requirement for purchasing these types of alcohol, so it’s important to check your local laws before attempting to buy any fortified wine online or in store.

What Should I Look For When Buying Fortified Wine Online?

When shopping for fortified wine online, you want to make sure you get the best of the best! With so many options out there it can be overwhelming – but with a few simple tips and tricks in your back pocket, you can find the absolute perfect bottle for any occasion.

Look for reviews from reliable sources, check labels for ABV% (alcohol by volume) content, look at winemaker’s notes, and don’t forget – always do your own research before buying anything!

You’ll be sipping on sweet success in no time when you put these tips into action.

Are There Any Health Benefits To Drinking Fortified Wine?

Fortified wine has been gaining popularity due to its potential health benefits. These include reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

It may also help reduce inflammation in the body, which is linked to a variety of illnesses including cancer and arthritis.

There are other possible benefits such as improving digestion, helping with sleep problems, and even boosting mental wellbeing.

While it’s important to note that these effects have not yet been proven definitively by science, fortified wines can still be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.


Fortified wine has been enjoyed for centuries and is still popular today. It’s a great choice for those looking to add something special to their next gathering or dinner party.

Whether you’re seeking the richness of port, the sweetness of sherry, or the complexity of vermouth, there are many options available online that can help you find what you need.

When enjoying fortified wines, it’s important to remember to consume in moderation and responsibly. Taking time to savor each sip allows us all to appreciate its complex flavors and aromas, while also allowing us the opportunity to be mindful about our health and well-being.

Enjoying this type of wine can truly be an experience like no other!

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